Jonker Street also known as Cultural Street Malaka, Malaysia. It is a very famous night market in Malaka but it only operate from Friday night to Sunday night. Jonker Street is one of the tourist hot spot in Malaka too. Because of this, there are plenty of souvenir shops around and the price is cheap too!

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I love Jonker Street because I love the authentic Melaka food there. In Jonker Street, you can find plenty of local food stall which the food are great and the price is dirt cheap! If you manage to get yourself visit Jonker Street, you must try the Baba Cendol, Nasi Lemak and Asam Laksa!

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The day time view of Jonker Street is a bit different compare to the night. There are few antique shops, souvenir shops, traditional biscuit shops, Chinese herbals tea shop and etc. If you came to Jonker Street during the day time you must try the famous hainan chicken rice shop – Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Balls and Chop Chung Wah. The chicken rice they serve here is a bit special, it’s in ball shape and the chicken they served here is smooth and slippery! Every time i go to Malaka, i must visit Jonker Street to have one of this Hainan Chicken Rice! If you didnt try this i’m sure you will regret!

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There are few cake shops here where they sell nice Pineapple tart. Most of these cake shop bakes their own cake and biscuit and so their biscuit and cake is fresh and tasty. If you like to eat cake, biscuit or tart, you should try it and you can also buy few boxes for you and your family as a present :)

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