It doesn’t matter if we travel by tour or back pack, travel partner plays an important role. A bad partner can ruin the precise holiday that you have been looking forward to for weeks.

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Lots of people thought, their better half would be the best travel partner but I have my doubts on this statement in certain aspects. If the wife plans for shopping trip, I am sure it’s a burden for the husband unless he enjoys shopping just as much. If the husband plans for fishing trip, I am sure the wife would probably die of boredom unless she enjoys fishing just as much as well. My point is, it is important that both parties have a clear understanding on the process and objectives to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication.

I had bad experience once with some of my friends. 1 of them happened to be my best friend. And due to the misunderstanding, the trip almost ended our friendship. The trip was my first self organized trip to Perhentian Island located in Malaysia. There were a total of 5 people including myself for this trip. Before the trip I have already mentioned to everyone that it’s a budget trip. Everyone understood the meaning of “Budget” except for my best friend and she was shock when we arrived at the hostel. In her state of shock, she even refused to take bath at the public toilet and was crying on the following day to go home.

I had travel partners that never stopped complaining. Unable to sleep, pillow too soft/ hard, mattress too soft/hard, toilet too dirty, hostel too noisy, food too salty, cab too expensive, walking or cycling too tired, wake up too early, weather too hot/cold and etc. But I was also lucky enough to have met my ideal travel partner 9 years ago. Since then, we had our annual travel and I am glad we can maintain it until today. My travel partner is a SHE and don’t get me wrong! I am married to a loving husband.

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