If you have any doubts about the price or the holiday package charged by Pangkor Laut Resort, read on to know more about what this exorbitant holiday fees has to offer. While those earning in foreign currency might find the prices reasonable, us locals may not feel so because for about RM1,200 per night for 2, you can easily top up another few hundred and get a cheap flight overseas. But what you do not know is that Pangkor Laut Resort, offers a different sort of experience. If you are looking forward to be pampered and putting away your thoughts for the weekend, then, Pangkor Laut Resort is the place for you. I also highly recommend this holiday destination if you are looking for a honeymoon destination. Me and my husband, decided to celebrate our anniversary with style for 2 nights and Pangkor Laut Resort seemed to be the answer. For close to RM2,000 for 2 for a 3 days 2 nights package (inclusive of taxes and meals), we were hoping not to be disappointed and we weren’t (Tip : Always look out at their website Pangkor Laut Resort) for their Resident Package Offer).

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Upon arriving at the newly relocated Pangkor port, you cannot miss a secluded building in white with 2 large beds placed in front of the reception waiting area. The only downside to getting to Pangkor Laut Resort is that you’ll have to wait for the speedboat to take you there. The booking is usually FOC tagged along with the package but there’s only a specific time slots which you can choose from. On the other hand, Pangkor Laut Resort also offers you privacy if you do not like joining the group boat in which you may choose to charter your own, thus, travelling to the island at a your own leisure time – all for only RM1,000.

We chose the 1pm slot so when we reached there early, we loitered around the reception area. Upon arriving, we were greeted by 2 very polite gentleman and proceeded to the preliminary check-in where they double confirmed your booking along with a deposit and . We were served wet towels and some sweet drinks and needless to say, the place is really spacious and comfortable. If you decided to visit their toilet there, the toilets are fully air-conditioned as well giving us the well money’s worth, and we haven’t even reach the island yet!

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At exactly 1pm, we were ushered to the speedboat. Our luggage were none of the concern as the porter already took great care of it soonest we reached their reception area and we did not c it until we reached our hotel room or should I say villa? The speedboat trip took about 10-15 minutes and we were ushered with greetings by a group of Pangkor Laut Resort staffs. We felt greatly welcomed by everyone with smiles. The view of the whole island was breathtaking and once again upon reaching the lobby, we were greeted by with wet towels and drinks. As the group for 1pm was quite large (about 10 groups including us), the lobby was filled with people. One thing I do think they need to improve on is how to greet us in the lobby when there are lots of people. There weren’t enough seats and people attending to us. Some of us had to wait a while and after waiting for about 5 minutes, we were greeted by a trainee who briefed us on what are our lunch and dinner options. There are 4-5 different restaurants to choose from but 2 are optional only if you would like to top up for meal packages. As the official check-in time was 3pm, we were guided to lunch at the restaurant nearby the infinity swimming pool. On the way there, we noticed a tree full of bats. Apparently, they one of the species that are living in the island and it was quite obvious we were trespassing their territory. Not only were the bats one of the residents there, while we were having our lunch (which the options include one appetizer and one main course), we were entertained by some hornbills looking forward to their own version of lunch. Not afraid of humans, they would nip of your leftover if given the opportunity.

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The lunch was rather satisfying although my orders got mixed up a little as I wasn’t aware that the dish I ordered had beef but they made up by ensuring I was happy by offering if I had any other additional ingredients I would like to add into my dish. This in itself already earned additional points and stars in my books. After lunch, we headed back to the lobby where the trainee greeted us and lead us to our room. Our villa was overlooking the restaurant that was serving breakfast and Malay style dinner, not much of a view I would say but the villa was excellent! Our luggage was already sitting there and as the trainee signed off, he gave us a friendly advice to always lock our doors as wild monkeys might come in a steal our belongings. Also long time residents of the island, they are already equipped with the knowledge of opening the sliding doors from their long observation of us humans! The garden villa equipped with Astro channels, has a very, very large bathroom. A king sized bed and a long sofa at the foot of the bed, there was a nice stationary and welcome note waiting on our bed. Apart from that, the bathroom had one really nice bathtub equipped with sea salt, 2 separate wash basins and cupboards for him and her, separate shower and toilet and lots and lots of towels to use from.

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After settling in, you can choose from the many activities that are laid out by the resort. From jungle trekking to attending cooking classes, you wouldn’t be easily bored. As I prefer my holiday to be idle, the rest of the days were spent lazing in the beach under the sun, dipping in the Jacuzzi pool, exploring the resort’s ground, reading in their comfortable library and of course, eating. Their meals are actually really sufficient and deliciously yummy so there’s actually no need for upgrades unless you are feeling luxurious. There’s also no need to spend additional as well as they serve you sufficient bottled water, coffee or tea which in another words are free flow.

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What I loved most about Pangkor Laut Resort is not only the excellent services that the staffs there provide, I felt my money is worth spent as well. Why? Because they do not skimp on the small little things and they are those little things that make you feel great. My small little list includes serving you chilled bottle water when you are lazing on the beach bench, towels on the bench which serves the purpose of lining the bench (I’m a little of a clean freak so I hate sitting on most of the beach bench because most of these hotels/resorts do not properly clean or maintain the cleanliness of their benches), room service twice a day where in the evening, we were surprised to find our room with electrical mosquito coils already plugged and placed for us, there was even a nice aromatherapy incense for us, plenty of towels for you to use and mild surprises from the local residents (I was once again surprised to find 3 peacocks loitering at my neighbor’s balcony in the evening). My only regret is not pre-booking their spa services. If you ever consider wanting to try out their spa service (which I heard was quite good), you’ll need to make up your mind the same time you make the booking otherwise, you’ll need to pay a whopping RM400++ for one.

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On a separate note, tip for those considering this resort, don’t ever choose the hill villa unless you don’t mind all the walking as it is pretty far from most of the hotel amenities and restaurants. Apart from all the glorious details about Pangkor Laut Resort, the thing that some may find unsatisfactory is the air-conditioning in the villas. I like mine to be really cold but the villa air-con has the temperature that is just right and it may be even hot in the middle of the night if you keep on the covers. Another thing I wasn’t really happy was the need to pre-book your dinner time. Because for either meals (lunch or dinner), you can only choose from only 2 different restaurants, most of them are fully seated especially during dinner. When we reached the Chinese Restaurant 30 minutes later than our booking time, we were reprimanded by the hostess. Other than that, there’s not much bad I can comment.

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On our last day there, we need not bother our luggage as the porter would help to carry them to the pier. We were once again sent off by their staffs that walked with us all the way to the boat and waved us farewell wishing to see us again in the near future. It was indeed I would say, a service with a smile.

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